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If I buy a new software for my office will it affect my ability to send claims to Victory Billing?
No. We process claims for all providers, regardless of their in-house software. Actually, there is no need to upgrade your old software to the new version when using our services. As long as you can create a text image file, we can convert your outdated HCFA-1500 claims format to current CMS and ANSI 837 standards. Our software does it all for you.

We're considering moving our office soon. Will my money flow be affected?
We should be third on your list for notification of a possible move. First is your spouse or business partner. Second is the bank. Third is us. The sooner we start working with you to update the EDI applications to carriers and notify accounting departments of the pending change and effective date, the less likely your money flow will be interrupted. The key is to notify carriers as early as possible. Sometimes it takes weeks to get an application updated thru the system. Also, the post office will not forward insurance checks with your regular mail. Most carriers note 'no forwarding order' on their envelopes. The checks will be returned to the sender. Once the accounting department voids the checks, it takes a minimum of 45 days to reissue the checks to your new address.

I'm changing my business structure and tax ID#. What do I need to do?
First, see the prior example of a facility move. The same logic applies. After speaking with a CPA and/or attorney to complete the proper paperwork, we should be notified as soon as possible. EDI applications will need to be resubmitted and processed before any claims can be submitted under your new tax ID#.

My insurance clerk quit unexpectedly and no one else knows how to batch the claims. How do we get them to you?
When you have turnover in your office, we are here to get you back up and running. Whether it's an unexpected turnover or a growth spurt, we help train or re-train your staff as needed. Our training includes particulars regarding office protocol, collections, data entry of receivables and claims info along with creating batches to us so your money doesn't dry up in the midst of employee turnover. We're also here to help you and your staff at any time you have questions about your software or claims processing.

The insurance carrier didn't pay our claims because the patient maxed out their benefits. Can they do that?
Most definitely, yes. Verification of benefits is one of the most important tools available to you. When executed properly, you will be 'in the know' about any benefit restrictions, policy limits, non covered services and termination dates. We can teach you the most effective method to help curb these types of denials. If you know the benefits ahead of time, you'll know when to convert the patient from insurance to cash.

I found a billing company that charges less and am considering a change to decrease overhead. What can I expect?
You usually get what you pay for. It's an old adage, but true. Billing companies can charge several different ways because the level of service is different.

Some will charge less than $1 to process your claims.
This sounds wonderful. What you need to know is you will be charged that same rate each time you resubmit the claim for processing. Claims reject when the first error is detected. Companies that charge in this manner expect you and your staff to correct the errors and retransmit the claim to them. If your software is up to date and your staff is knowledgable and dedicated (no employee turnover), this might be a great option for you to consider. In my experience, the percentage of offices that can be efficient and get paid in this manner is very low. You may be paying less for claims processing, but how much more productive could you and your staff be if claims were left to the experts?

Some billing companies charge a flat monthly rate to process your claims.
This sounds great, too. Again, the rejections and errors will be returned to you time and time again until you get it right and the claim is 'clean' enough to pass thru to adjudication.

Our company charges a per claim rate.
Once you've transmitted a claim to us, whether 'clean' or not, you will never be recharged or have to retransmit the claim to us again. No rat race. No reporting nightmares or wasted time performing status checks to determine if the submitted claim was accepted or not. Once we've received your claim, we run the same edits the insurance companies do and make sure your claim is clean the first time the carrier sees it. We work with you and your staff to ensure that the information submitted is complete and up to date.

You will always be able to find someone to do a job cheaper, but will you be satisfied with the results?

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.: 1 Corinthians 15:57